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Macodes petola - the foliage orchid

Not often seen in cultivation this somewhat rare Jewel Orchid has beautiful foliage which is difficult to capture in a photo. The veins actually look like metallic gold thread woven through the light green leaves. Native to Malaysia and New Guinea it is found in the lowland tropical rain forests in dense shade growing in moist leaf litter and soil on well-drained sites with high humidity and warm temperatures. The plant blooms with small, insignificant flowers on an 8 inch inflorescence.

Grown more for their foliage and less for the flower, these unusual orchids with the amazing leaves are in the same basic family as the popular Ludisia discolor jewel orchids.

They do flower, usually in January or February, sending up a small stalk covered with tiny white blooms. But no one grows them for the flowers. In fact, I usually cut the spikes to foster more growth.

Although you grow these in relatively low indirect light, they sparkle with gold veining in the sun. Truly beautiful! 

Although we grow them on the dry side, we try never to let them try out completely -- but I don't keep them sopping wet, either. Fertilize every couple of weeks.

They can be propagated from cuttings, very much like ludisia discolor.

These plants are growing nicely in a 2 1/4 inch pot.  $15 EACH  I have 15 to choose from. 



Ludisia discolor


A terrestrial orchid that prefers medium to low light and high humidity. Native to S.E. Asia.

This is a low spreading plant with 3" elliptic maroon leaves that have metallic red to gold veins. Forms small white flowers on twisted yellow columns that are held upright. This is an ideal terrarium orchid since it remains small and thrives on high humidity and warm temperatures. Easy to grow.  Easily propagated from cuttings.

These plants are growing nicely in a 3 3/4 inch pot.  $12.50 EACH  I have 20 to choose from. 


Goodyera schlectendaliana (Mountain Jewel)


This is a rarely cultivated, beautiful Jewel Orchid grown mostly for its attractive foliage. Grows to about 3 or 4 inches tall.

Blooms in late spring when it will send up a 4 inch spike bearing several cream colored, tiny flowers.

This terrestrial orchid is native to S.E. Asia and Japan. There it grows in the humid lowland forests as well as the peaks of high mountains in the highland cloud forests at elevations of 3000 to 7500 feet.

In culture it will grow in warm to cool temperatures and low light. Will grow very well planted in plain moist sphagnum moss. Makes an excellent terrarium plant or houseplant.

These plants are growing nicely in a 2 1/4 pot.  $15 EACH  I have 10 to choose from. 



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